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Uniby brings people who like doing the same activities together. Organising is easy, and whether you are a pro or have a passion to share, you can put together a meetup in just 1 minute.

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What is your passion? Tens of students may enjoy doing exactly what you like; Sharing experiences, a specific hobby, something that interests you, means finding more meaningful friendships as you have something in common.

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Are you a musician, a YouTuber, a blogger or anything else that would benefit from a community that supports you? Organising a meet up can become a regular activity, so you can grow your community and stay connected with like-minded people on a more regular basis.

Lead on a cause your care about

Meetups can be about any subject you want. This is the place where you can take the lead on a cause you care about, create discussion groups, sensibilise people, or generate consensus around a specific purpose so you can make a higher impact on things you care about.

Build additional revenue

If it interests you, someone else is also interested in it. Uniby gives you the chance to monetise what you love by sharing it at a fair price with other students. You can take people running with you or teach a class of anything specific you know, don’t limit yourself to the obvious, Uniby is a place to teach anything and everything that has no other place to be taught, on your own terms.

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